Welcome to KROG’s

KROG’s serves the very best fish and seafood in an historic, but informal setting. We serve classic fish recipes with a modern twist and our focus is on excellent ingredients and a delightful ambience.

Just drop by and savour a single course and a good glass of wine, or let us pamper you for the whole evening. We are open for both lunch and dinner and can guarantee you a wonderful experience.

We bid you welcome to our beautiful premises on Copenhagen’s Gammel Strand, the century-old home of KROG’s Fish Restaurant, where quality and hospitality have always been the order of the day.

We believe that our respect for the spirit of the place and our innovative thinking can provide you with the very best experience. So at KROG’s you will encounter a world rich in history, but free of any over-formality that might inhibit your experience as a guest.

Kind Regards,