Most people give a nod of recognition, whenever Krogs is mentioned. Many Copenhagen locals have a relationship with the place: “That was where my grandparents used to eat on Sundays” or “I recently went for a lovely family lunch there.” Older generations often say that “the royal families from all over Scandinavia would never dream of visiting Copenhagen without dropping into Krogs.”

Furthermore, Gammel Strand – the stretch between Nybrogade and Højbro Plads – with its crowds of people, fishwives, boat traffic and the unloading of fish on its wharfs, has always been a favourite subject for photographers, illustrators and painters.

Today the restaurant is just as popular as when it first opened in 1910, and still visited by old and young alike, and by tourists from near and far. It is a vibrant place, rich in tradition, but now with just a whiff of modernity.

Krog’s Fish Restaurant represents a narrative about a chunk of old Copenhagen anchored in the present. We – the new team behind Krogs – look forward to elaborating on the old traditions, while breathing life into this old restaurant. After all, in the words of the Prince in Lampedusa’s novel, The Leopard, one must transform in order to preserve.

Over the years, though the restaurant has had many owners, quality, fish and classic cuisine have always been its essential focus. They will be our focus too.

In 2015, Krog’s Fish Restaurant will be celebrating its 100th anniversary at Gl.Strand 38 in the heart of the oldest and most beautiful area of Copenhagen with a view of the old fish market and the canal. You won’t find a better location than this. 100 years at the same address is a testament to quality and significant traditions. Only a handful of restaurants in Copenhagen can compete with Krogs.